This weeks Member Monday shines a spotlight on Corey Passarella and Ben Avram of The Streaming Guide.

Company: The Streaming Guide

Title: Corey, Co-Founder of The Streaming Guide - Ben, VP of Media Partnerships.

Instagram Handles: @thestreamingguide_  Twitter: @thestreamguide

In one or two sentences, what is The Streaming Guide like? 
The Streaming Guide is a fun place to search for and discover new movies and tv shows. With
the world of media silo-ed off into different sectors and streaming companies, The Streaming
Guide aggregates all pieces of content together into one place. Swipe through every Movie &
TV Show, build your own universal watch-lists, or start a Stream Teams - our shared watchlist
feature between you and friends & family. Have fun and enjoy our Social meets Media platform! 

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
We’re striving to build technology with a delightful user experience and placing ourself between
users and the big media players, in the hunt for finding the best content.

What is your favorite space at Spring?
Sunken Living Room and of course the fifth floor workspace.

Secret to staying sane?
Love what you do, love the people you work with.

Best way for members to reach you?
Drop into the 5 th floor workspace in New York and say hi!

Download our App: Visit and follow us on social media! And, of course,
please reach out for a coffee anytime: .

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