This weeks Member Monday shines a spotlight on Sandro Petitot, Founder of Layout360.

Company/ Field of work:
Creative and Business Consultancy

Founder, which means many different hats. Entrepreneur, strategist, creative
director and designer are my main roles.

Instagram handles:

In one or two sentences, what is Layout 360 like?
LAYOUT360 operates as a creative agency and business consultancy dedicated to
build, plan and manage systems, strategies, platforms and content for brands,
businesses and talents. It is through taste making and implementation of
meaningful long-term visions that we get to #ElevateStandards.

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
Interesting! I never really think in the next 5 years, but more so in the next 100 years.
But I would say in 5 years I would like to have built platforms for LAYOUT360, to
ultimately have a good digital presence as well as developing a cultural program that
gives voice to talents and leaders.

What is your secret to staying sane?
At this point they are so many things that I don’t even know if it’s really sane LOL. I
guess I try to speak up more what’s in my heart and mind, breathe in between haha,
and of course education, dancing, hugging and laughing. What I would say is that in
the meantime, having a DISCIPLINE to the things that make you feel good I find it key
in remaining healthy (even though those aren’t always the ones I want to do).

What is your favorite room in Spring Place?
5th floor - working space

Why do you do what you do?
I would say I do what I do because of my genuine fascination, curiosity and love
towards humans, our behaviors, belief system, actions and the questioning of why we
live the way we live. I find that in the 21st century, brands and corporations are the
vessels, the catalyst of change and the voices that move people, therefore it’s an honor
and a privilege for me to be part of an industry that contributes to the evolution.

Best way for members to reach you?
Talk to me :)

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