This weeks Member Monday shines a spotlight on Lea Aclan and Francesco Semisa of Livekindly.

Names: Lea Aclan & Francesco Semisa

Company: Livekindly

Title: Lea -  Food Scientist + Francesco - Manager, Operations Strategy

Instagram handles: @leabobina | @il_sem

In one or two sentences, what is Livekindly like?
Livekindly manufactures and retails plant based products. We collect plant based alternatives from the seed to the final product and aim to make plant based eating the new normal. 

Where do you see your company in 5 years?
Dominating the plant based market!

What is your favorite space at Spring Place?

Secret to staying sane?
Lea: “Having things to do outside of work. i.e: surfing, biking, anything outdoorsy.”
Francesco: “Staying active and taking time for yourself.”

Best way for Members to reach you?
Feel free to follow us on instagram and email us at and 

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