Name: Ousman Sahko Sow

Company/Field of Work: Media / Entertainment / Technology

Title: Co-Founder /President

Instagram Handle ( s ) : @ousmansahko  @Blacktag 

In one or two sentences, what do you do? 
I run a media/entertainment technology company providing a global solution to a variety of problems in the entertainment and marketing industries. Currently, there is no modern, unified platform that successfully celebrates creators and brings brands and audiences together around Black content. Alternative creators and niche Black audiences are currently massively underserved by campaigns and even content distributed. As well brands who also want to reach the spectrum of black audiences in the right way, and they want to hire black creative talent. we also provide a path to finding creative talent to develop the original content for audiences searching for that solution globally. And unifying black stronghold worldwide in the US, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbeans.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 
Building a global media tech company for the world to consume black content and find content creators in niche communities around the world, and being the first black company to IPO.

What are your plans for post-quarantine? 
Traveling as much as possible, watching movies in theaters again.

The secret to staying sane? 
Riding my bike as much as possible -- and picking up a new hobby. -- currently, I am learning a new language and making candles. finding content outside of the US.
The best way for Members to reach you: 

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