Name: Jan Roessner

Company/Field of Work: One Earth Rising™ (entertainment company with focus on gaming and social impact)

Title: CEO and Co-Founder

Instagram Handle ( s ) : @janroessner, @oneearthrising

In one or two sentences, what do you do? I lead a team of incredible individuals to combine entertainment and social impact.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Hopefully still in the US and NYC  Also, having established One Earth Rising as THE authority and thought leader in the impact entertainment space.

What are your plans post-quarantine? Growing the company while driving impact and positive social change. And growing my network in person again.

Secret to staying sane? Exercise, exercise, exercise. Also: put good food into your body, preferably plant-based.

Best way for Members to reach you: Best connect with me and contact me on Linkedin. Or just find me at Spring. I'm part of the inventory.

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