Name: Chris Lavish

Company/Field of Work: ChrisLavish LLC  &  FashionWeekOnline LLC

Title:  Founder & Global Digital Director 

Instagram Handle ( s ) : @NYCLAVISH

In one or two sentences, what do you do ?
Through fashion and yoga I want people to realize that it’s more than okay but essential to express yourself in every way possible. People should experience total freedom at some point in their life. My tag line since I started Instagram has been “ Never Under The Influence , Always Influencing “ which came from leaving my old job and bad habits.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
Sometimes at the rate that I’m moving it's hard to predict where ill be by Valentines Day but in 4-5  years I’ll have a 3rd office in Paris with 2 amazing executive assistants that will be able to handle everything that I’m currently providing for my clients. My goal has always been to have a 3rd apartment in Paris since my first season at PFW.

What are your plans post-quarantine?
Once all the borders open up again I’ll travel to more nature filled cities which is where I got most of my inspiration so I can give it back to my audience. You have two choices in life, either inspire all or inspire none, and that’s how I view my daily activity.

Secret to staying sane?
I have refined my morning routine so precisely that nothing can ever ruin my mood. I wake up at 5am every day for my yoga flow, then at 6am I go for my morning cardio run, come back, take an ice cold shower and drink a ginger shot. By 7am I’m fully alert, cruising through my work load and having the best morning possible because I know I'm reaching my peak performance daily. Also my daily matcha latte is the super glue that keeps it all together in case an unexpected and unwanted incident appears.

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