Name: Jason Cutinella

Company/Field of Work: NMG Network / MEDIA - Building curated media channels for leisure & luxury hotels and residential condominiums.

Title: Founder and CEO

Instagram Handle ( s ) : @nmgnetwork& @jcut

In one or two sentences, what do you do? NMG Network is the leading producer of highly engaging luxury hospitality, residential and retail video and editorial storytelling for the world’s most influential brands. NMG’s content reaches a global audience across award-winning print, digital, in-room and online streaming channels, as well as events and activations.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? I see myself continuing to grow NMG Network to the next level, while sharing my time between Hawaii, NYC and the rest of the world!

What are your plans post-quarantine? To get on a plane, travel and interact with as many people as possible! I miss real human connection!

Secret to staying sane? Finding unique locations around the world that have beautiful/scenic views so I can take a moment, sit on a park bench and take in all the beauty that surrounds me.

Words to live by? Stay humble, always move forward and remember where you started.

Best way for Members to reach you: 

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