This week's Member Monday shines a spotlight on Jenni Lauri, the Founder of Lauri Design Studio.

Name Jenni Lauri

Company/Field of Work: 
Lauri Design Studio / Interior Design


Instagram Handles: @lauridesignstudio

In one or two sentences, what is Lauri Design Studio? 
A full service boutique design studio focusing on making inspiring spaces for clients who want a distinctive design that fits their lives.

Where do you see Lauri Design Studio in the next five years? A furniture line that’s as unique as my clients. Full of color and life.

What are your plans post-quarantine? Seeing my family in Europe and doing a fun trip somewhere exotic. And definitely having a great appreciation of all things we are not able to do now.

Secret to staying sane? 
Painting, meditating, good friends & great wine.

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