Name: Irem Yallagoz
Company/Field of Work: Travel. I am hosting travelers in 3D as a hotelier and in 5D as a coach for consciousness hacking.
Title: CEO & Co-Founder 
Instagram Handle ( s ) : @bucket_leest
In one or two sentences, what do you do? I am exploring the relationship between science and spirit and ways to integrate it into everyday life. I am applying the insights through digital and travel. I see travel as a means to self-discovery so I am leading brand and cultural programming for our hotels and do private consulting for people and brands.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Wherever my search may lead me; hitting that “I am feeling lucky” button on Google search.
What are your plans post-quarantine? Having been upgraded physically, mentally and spiritually for what’s coming and exploring new horizons with like-minded people!
Secret to staying sane?  “I feel bad for people who never go insane”
Best way for Members to reach you: @bucket_leest

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