Name: Ben Parker
Company/Field of Work: JB JETS (division of PRIVILEGD LLC)
Title: President
Instagram Handle ( s ) : @benjaminsparker
In one or two sentences, what do you do? I offer private charter and management services for a wide range of individuals including C-level executives, celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we a have a concierge arm to supplement various requests particularly red carpet events.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Our mission is to be a leading provider and trusted advisor for private air travel. Our business model of a “floating aircraft” allow us to minimize dead-head and repositioning costs which are two major factors in the high cost of a private charter flight. We see ourselves continuing to grow our team of Aviation Advisors to meet the increasing demand for private charter.
What are your plans post-quarantine? Post-quarantine I have spent more time in the suburbs at my residences in New Jersey and Miami. But NYC and Spring Place will always be a big part of my business and personal life!
Secret to staying sane?  Having a great network of support from family, friends, and established business people to lean on and help put various complexities into perspective.
Best way for Members to reach you: by phone 201-952-8183 or email

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