Name: Luca Lucarelli  
Company/Field of Work: GFL, cosmetic products for consumer + in room amenities for hotel industry
Title: Managing Partner
Instagram Handle ( s ) : @gflskincare  @gflamenities
In one or two sentences, what do you do? We design and develop sustainable skin care and body care products for consumers and for the travel and leisure industry. We do it both through licensi ng of existing consumer brands or developing bespoke and custom made collections.
Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Expanding our global footprint through innovation, quality, ethical and sustainable processes and practices. Growing with purpose.
What are your plans post-quarantine? Running to the airport….it’s been way too long….
Secret to staying sane? Daily runs and workouts….and having a lot of fun in what I do every day. That includes lunches and Aperitivo at Spring Place here and there!
Best way for Members to reach you: or my cellphone 917-825-5077.

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